Calvin Harris single again! Breaks with Taylor Swift
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Calvin Harris single again! Breaks with Taylor Swift

New music is coming?

These have not been easy days for Calvin Harris, only two weeks ago he suffered a car crash when driving to Los Angeles airport, this forced him to cancel two shows in Las Vegas and now comes to light that the relationship that held with Taylor Swift has ended after 15 months together.

Recently Adam (Calvin’s real name) and Taylor celebrated its first anniversary in a tropical island and even some media spoke about the commitment of the “perfect couple”, but apparently things are not always “rosy”. Media such as Billboard and TMZ echoes the news and confirmed that the two celebrities were not attending events together some time ago.

A person close to the couple says: “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes”.

For the ladies followers of Harris this means that the millionaire DJ is single again…




For Taylor Swift fans means that new songs about his breakup are coming…

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