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Classic / Retro Electronic Music

Born Slippy [Trainspotting] – Underworld

Born Slippy released in 1996 was used as the main track in Danny Boyle’s award-winning film ‘Trainspotting’. “Born Slippy” is sometimes given the label (original) or (instrumental) to distinguish it from its much more popular b-side, “Born Slippy .NUXX”, which features vocals by Karl Hyde.

The band has stated that the pounding, relentless rhythm and shouted lyrics of the track were originally meant “as a joke”, and the single received little attention. They have also said in interview that the song is intended to sound like an alcoholic’s internal dialogue and that Karl Hyde was an alcoholic at the time. Underworld have claimed that the “.NUXX” name was inspired by a computer fault that added that suffix to the name of their working files.

As the original version of “Born Slippy .NUXX” was released on the “Born Slippy” single from the previous year, all copies of this single feature either an edited mix, an extended mix, or both.

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