Vector: Avicii’s video game reaches the PS4 in 2016
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Vector: Avicii’s video game reaches the PS4 in 2016

The game will include exclusive remixes by Avicii

During the ‘Paris Games Week’ Sony announced a new game like GuitarHero starred by Avicii

Avicii desperately tries to recover the image with his fans after the failure of her album Stories, and the announcement of a new game for Play Station 4 with exclusive remixes can give a new momentum and a chance to resume his “musical career”.

This week Sony Entertainment officially announces the release in 2016 of VECTOR, a multiplayer game with Avicii as the main star, this game will be completely musicalized by Tim and will include exclusive versions of their best songs. Sony executives describe it as “a new multiplayer experience with advanced graphics, interactions and music”.

The game is divided into levels that react according to the progress of the player. Avicii it is participating in its development and test period to ensure that his vision of the game is transmitted to the players.

See below the official trailer:


Although there is no confirmed date, AVICII | VECTOR awaits publication in the summer of 2016.

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