The Afrojack’s rider: Cucumbers and not-fluffled towels
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The Afrojack’s rider: Cucumbers and not-fluffled towels

Eccentric orders from the famous DJ

In the final preparations for the MTV Crashes event in Plymouth England, the DJ Afrojack sent a 79-page rider among which includes a little eccentric orders

According to the newspaper Plymouth Herald one week before the event the artist surprised the organizers and MTV staff with a long list of requirements among which includes cucumbers, cutted according to his instructions and ‘non-fluffed’ towels all located carefully in the backstage.

However it is not the first time that this DJ makes some strange demands, in past events has requested a bed of at least 79 inches, flight tickets in first class and transportation with vehicles like Audi R8 or Bugatti Veyron, without leaving behind bottles of Grey Goose vodka and Don Perignon champagne.

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