Skrillex & Justin Bieber announces new collaboration
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Skrillex & Justin Bieber announces new collaboration

Their track will appear on Purpose with vocals from Halsey

Many would like it, some not so much but it appears that Justin Bieber is here to stay in the world of electronic music.

After the success of Where Are Now Ü produced by Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex) with the participation of Justin, Skrillex has announced it will team up again with Bieber to launch a song very soon. This new song produced by Skrillex will feature the participation of the American indie pop singer Halsey.

This union will be for a new mix of the song called “The Feeling”, by Halsey, that already generated buzz among Beliebers which have been welcomed the presence of Justin in the electronic music world. However announcements like these enliven tempers of criticizing from other DJs like Deadmau5, that one last chance harshly criticized the song Where are Ü now in Twitter.

The expected release date will be on 13 November, as part of Bieber’s new album called “Purpose”. This is the original announcement from Halsey and Bieber via Twitter.


Halsey meanwhile posted a video on Instagram that was later censured.

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