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Listen fresh music released by Martin Garrix

The EDM prodigy reveals two new and huge productions

Martin Garrix took his fans by surprise the last weekend when play the follow-up to “Forbidden Voices” during the Indy 500 Pit Snake event. A few days ago Martin gave clues of his ‘unreleased’ track via Snapchat, but the poor sound quality did not let listen to its entirety, however in a new live video appears an improved version.

“Forbidden Voices” has always been a special song for Garrrix and his fans; since he published it for free in 2015 quickly became a favorite of the fans as well as representing the progress and growth of the young DJ. With a characteristic beat this new theme has all the ingredients to become another hit.


In this video you can listen the first version of this song:



And this is the new version recorded live during Indy 500 Snake Pit.



New Production

Martin does not stop, this week officially launched “Lions In The Wild”, a new production under his independent label STMPD RCRDS that could become the next summer hit. The first time that fans can heard this song was during the opening of Garrix set at Ultra Music Festival and from that moment began the frenzy to know its name or have more information.

Enjoy the official video recorded in Africa a few days ago.


It seems that the young prodigy of electronic music still has much to offer.

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