‘Imaginary Friends’, new and surprising track shared by Deadmau5
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‘Imaginary Friends’, new and surprising track shared by Deadmau5

The Canadian artist prepares his new album

¡It seems that the old Deadmau5 is back and packed with new music!

Yesterday Deadmau5 struck the social media again with the publication of a new track in Soundcloud. No ads, no mass media and without creating an expensive campaign to generate expectations, the famous DJ manages to keep giving that talk. As is usual these days, when Thomas Zimmerman (his real name) is not driving her car or in a struggle against other DJs via Twitter is dedicated to what he does best: produce Electronic music.

The title for his new song is: ‘Imaginary Friends’, 7 minutes spread between a masterful intro like in ‘Some Chords’ that evolves into a electro house solid beat. Houston: Deadmau5 is back!

And you can not miss the ironic touch in the track description: “Ghost produced by current ghost”, in a clear criticism of ghost producers, so trendy these days thanks to DJs like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The name ‘Imaginary Friends’ came after a talk between Deadmau5 and an unknown fan who asked this suggestion for the name of the first single from his upcoming album.

Turn up the volume and listen here ‘Imaginary Friends’, the new production from Deadmau5:



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