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Best Remixes: X Files meets Electronic music

Best version from the original Fox tv show

After 14 years out of the air returns X Files, one of the TV shows more attached to the collective imagination in recent times, this week FOX break new records with the return of agents Mulder and Scully.

Definitely a great TV show, famous for the aura of mystery that always enveloped every episode: secret conspiracies, extraterrestrial, sects, but above all one element: the opening song always present during all seasons unitl now. The song is a original composition by show director Mark Snow, under request of Chris Carter, maybe one of the best known songs of recent times.

So famous was this song that accumulates several Techno, Dubstep and Chillout versions. Here we select the best remixes of the original X Files song:

Techno Remix

Trance Remix

Chillout Remix

Dubstep Remix

Dubstep Remix 2

Bonus Track

As a bonus the original show intro, a TV classic from 90’s.

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